Maria Ozawa aka Miyabi will come to Indonesia, like the lack of artists only. Or is because they feel the quality of the writing is not so famous ride from this Japanese Porn Star filmya entitled to Menculikk Miyabii sells in the market.

Maria Ozawa aka Miyabi is a hot film artist from Japan who successfully follow in the footsteps senior, Carera Asia has retired from the world of pornographic movies. Maria Ozawa is now the most sought after artists and popular among artists other heat in Asia.

Miyabi's success in the world 'slime' could not be separated from his desire to be successful women. Although in some occasions the interview he admitted it difficult to pornographic scenes with men who are not known.

Like, artists and movie stars other Japanese hot, Maria Ozawa joined in a specialist production house pornographic films or commonly called AV. Last few years Miyabi was in a specialist production house sex violence such as rape and sexual harassment.

Maria Ozawa beautiful face obtained from a combination of the original beauty of Japanese mothers with Mr. derived from French and Canadian descent.

Maria Ozawa was educated at the International School makes a broad and her social English skills to be better.

The most favorite hobby is playing hockey, every day he played hockey disekolahnya. Maria Ozawa also loves to cook, and play games Playstasion in his room.

Maria Ozawa Miyabi often on call at birth in Hokkaido, Japan on January 8, 1986. With 1.62 meters in height and 48 kg weight makes it look beautiful and innocent.

At the age of 13 years, she was a lover of the color Pink has his first sexual experience. At that time he had sex with her boyfriend first 4 years older than she. Of note in his personal blog age of 19, Maria Ozawa has done with 6 men, four of which were his girlfriend.

At that age, Maria Ozawa has mastered the 48 sexual positions he learned from adults who bought the magazine itself.