Cinta Laura is soap star who birth Quakenbruck, Germany, August 17, 1993.Cinta Laura who has full name is Cinta Laura Kiehl began his career in the entertainment world as a finalist Indonesia Top Model 2006.

One of the jury selection event is Sanjay Maulani, a casting director at MD Entertainment. Cinta immediately offered to play any soap opera.

Daughter of Michaell Kiehll and Herdiana, SH was finally accepted an offer to become the main star in the soap opera production CINDERELLA MD Entertainment.

Uniquely, the first four months, instead of shooting Cintaa, but got Indonesian courses, plus an acting exercise. Cintaa it's known in several countries, following his father's place of duty as General Manager of Hotel Grand Hyatt.

CINDERELLA soap was introduced Cinta to the Indonesian public. Until finally Cinta SCTV Awards rewarded with popular actress category in 2007. In the event that he defeated his rivals among others Marshanda, Shireen Sungkar, and Nia Ramadhani.

Cinta which has height 170 cm tall and weight 44 kg was too busy with teaching English to children less fortunate.

July 2008, the court Cinta has case with MD Entertainment. This production house is considered suing Cinta violates labor contract. After undergoing several trials, finally mid-December 2008 the court decided Cinta guilty party and should bear the compensation of material and non material is Rp 1.716.406.000 or agreements that have not been implemented.