FOTO CIUMAN Cinta Laura Kiehl dan Bule


Not so long infotainmen news, now picture the Cinta Laura Khiel intimate kissing with her lover named David Ricard circulating on the Internet.

There are two images showing the lovers were kissing lips.Apparently, the image of two people who were the love, like the picture they took in a room.

Previously, had established Cintaa Lauraa love with a soap star Marcell Darwinn. Unfortunately their relationship ended because Cintaa the then 14-year-old could not compensate for claims dating style-old Marcell 17 tahun.Anehnya, with Davidd, Cintaa the now 15-year-old did not hesitate intimate kissing.

Herdiana confirmed that the woman in the photographs were indeed his daughter. The photos were taken about a year ago when Love was preparing filming Oh ... Baby.
Bule guy next to love, she said, was a close friend Cinta. Herdiana told, when it Cinta not want to repeat many kissing scene in front of the camera. Therefore, learn kissing Cinta behind the camera with such close friends.
"Rather than have to retake several times during filming, Cinta learning (kiss) while joking in front of my friends and crew. At that time there was a shooting, "said Herdiana.
"Love and the albino guy who was opponent in the movie Oh ... Baby, also my friends and film crew, still laughing," she added. Once the filming took place, no longer rigid Cinta when do kissing.

For Herdiana, the spread of the photographs was not Cinta kissing should be taken seriously. He also did not want her daughter's activities disrupted because of the news side. Moreover, the current soap opera player on Air Mata Cinta RCTI .it was preparing a new solo album with Sony BMG. "Next week should be Cinta already entered a period of preparation of the new album," said Herdiana.

In October last year, admitted Cinta Laura serious relationship with a man named David Richard Caucasians are also classmates. Open confession because it conveyed Cinta jealous lover. "A lot of guys who deketin me that he (David) did not like. And he said, you know wrote to the people if we are going together, "she said.

While Herdiana considered as a close friend of David Cinta. Herdiana therefore not thought that his daughter's wedding. "Whoever Cinta girlfriend, aunt thought they were close friends [who are not really going out]. So do not try to ask marital problems, they were little, "she said.